Micro power connectors with high current density in common footprint

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By Nick Flaherty

The ELCON connectors provide 12.5A per pin, making them useful for servers, switches, storage devices and testing machines with the connector housing designed to prevent mis-mating to make assembly easier.

By using a common industry footprint, the ELCON Micro power connectors allow for easy upgrades to existing designs. The 3.0mm printed circuit board (PCB) footprint is compatible with Molex’s Micro-Fit headers and BellWether’s Micro-Hi headers, and the connectors support 2 to 24 pin configurations and perform reliably in harsh environments through a maximum operating temperature of 105ºC and halogen-free material.

“High power and reliable connectivity in an easy-to-use form factor are the key features of our new ELCON Micro power connectors,” said Henry Xie, power product manager at TE Connectivity. “With a working voltage of 600V and the ability to support different currents with multiple combinations of different wire sizes, these connectors offer the flexibility and performance to make them standouts in the power connector market.”


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