Micro Peltier modules have footprint down to 3.4mm square

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By Nick Flaherty

CUI Devices’ Thermal Management Group has launched a sreies of solid state thermoelectric cooling modules with small footprint. 

The micro Peltier modules have a package sizes with dimensions from 3.4 x 3.4 mm for the 700mA CP0734-M to 9.5 x 9.5mm for the 3.4A CP3495 and profiles as low as 1.95 mm.

The single-stage thermoelectric coolers feature temperature deltas of 77°C (Th=50°C), Qmax ratings from 0.2 W to 4.7 W (Th=50°C), current ratings from 0.7 A to 3.4 A, and voltage ratings from 0.5 V to 3.9 V. Several models further offer gold plated metallized faces suitable for solder mounting.

The micro Peltier modules are available immediately with prices starting at $23.21 per unit at 50 pieces through distribution.

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