M12 power connector family adds S and T coding versions

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By eeNews Europe

M12-S coding is typically used for power applications on AC motors where large M23 metal connectors are usually used while M12-T coding is used for DC power supplies in structured networks where large circular 7/8in, M23, RD24 or rectangular connectors are commonly used.

The new Binder connectors with modified plastic bodies save both space and money while the use of 1.5 mm2 contacts inside the enlarged M12 connector housing offers larger air and clearance distances.  Wires of 1.5 mm2 cross-section are terminated to gold plated screw contacts and the cable outlet suits cables wires of 8-10 mm diameter.  When mated and locked the connectors fulfil the requirements of IP67.

The M12-S versions handle 12 A and 630 VAC three-phase and have an integrated pre-engaging earth contact while the M12-T versions carry 12 A and are rated at 60 VDC.

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