Low profile electro-magnetic sensor for wearables

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By Nick Flaherty

The 3DC14EM-ULP Series is over 50% thinner than competing 3D-electromagnetic sensors in the market, claims the manufacturer, it is the result of a joint ecosystem development effort between BQ, UC3M University and Premo. The whole project was under the scope of a CDTI Spain research project called ASUMP. The device measures 12x14x1.65mm and can also be designed in devices such as hand-held controllers where EMMT (electromagnetic motion tracking technology) is used for 6DoF applications. The part includes 3 axes (X-Y-Z) 100% encapsulated in epoxy to provide full functionality for wakeup, and 6DoF position/orientation even with movement tracking. Premo provide a number of versions with quasi and fully isotropic 3DCoil configurations, for trimmed and no trimmed performances. The 3DC14EM-ULP-0238J will be sampling by the end of September, operating at the 125 and 134.2kHz frequencies. When combined with Premo’s 3DcoilCube specific emitter antennas, it is able to sense magnetic fields up to 8 meters away (1-2m in short range, 3-5m in mid-range, and 6-8m and beyond with ultra long-range).

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