Lithium ion battery pack has BMS for medical and industrial designs

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By Nick Flaherty

Bicker Elektronik in Germany has developed a Li-Ion battery pack with four cells in series in parallel and one in series (4S1P) with an integrated battery management system (BMS).

The 14.8V BP-LIO-1525 pack has 2.5 Ah / 37 Wh of storage alongside an integrated BMS (Battery Management System) to optimize service life and safety. The BMS monitors and controls the entire charging and discharging process for each cell in the energy storage system. The NTC temperature sensor, which is led outside, enables permanent monitoring of the Li-Ion cell temperature for charging optimization and operational safety.

With the help of the system present function, the output of the battery pack remains deactivated (output voltage = 0V) until the main current path is released by bridging the communication plug. Otherwise the BMS locks the MOSFET main switch permanently. Since the components on the BMS board run in standby mode, this power-saving function also increases the shelf life of the charged pack.

The integrated cell balancing ensures a balanced and uniform charge of all cells, so that the full capacity of the lithium-ion battery pack remains permanently usable. This has a particularly positive effect on the service life, number of cycles and capacity of the energy storage.

The BP-LIO-1525 delivers five times more charge/discharge cycles than conventional lead-acid batteries and so guarantees a particularly long service life. The pack is aimed at industrial use and in medical technology applications with its approvals to IEC/EN 62133-2:2017 and UL 62133:2017 Ed.2.

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