Linear adds micro-module regulators with 60V/4A & 36V/8A buck-boost types

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The 4.92-mm-thick BGA package includes the inductor, DC/DC regulator, MOSFETs and supporting components. The LTM8055 operates from input voltages ranging from 5V to 36V, delivering a load current up to 8A. The LTM8056 has a higher input voltage, up to 60V with 4A load current capability. The compact solution provided by these devices frees PCB board space in systems such as battery operated devices, industrial control, avionics and solar-powered equipment.

For battery charging or precision load current adjustment, both devices enable input and output average current limit setting. Input and output current can be monitored by measuring voltage on a signal pin. Switching frequency is adjustable from 100 kHz to 800 kHz, while each device can be synchronised to an external clock frequency from 200 kHz to 700 kHz. With one resistor, the output voltage can be adjusted from 1.2V to 36V (LTM8055) and 1.2V to 48V (LTM8056). The LTM8055 and LTM8056 operate over –40°C to 125°C and –55°C to 125°C.

Pricing of the devices is from $23.32 (1000) for both products.

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