Lightweight PCB-mounted heatsink targets power resistors

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By eeNews Europe

Designed for use in power supplies, power amplifiers, motor drives and inrush current control applications requiring resistors operating in the 20 to 100W range, the heatsink uses two solderable tinned brass pins instead of fixings to secure it. It has a black anodized finish, and features an optimized profile with ridged fins for high surface area and low mass. Extruded from 6063-T5 aluminium, the WMHP-HS has a 42x25mm footprint. A TO-220 package resistor may be fitted to either side of the heatsink as the thermal performance is the same for both mounting surfaces. Furthermore, two packages may be fitted, one each side, provided the total power dissipated does not exceed the rating of either. A TO-247 package can be fitted to the wider of the two mounting surfaces.
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