LEM agrees extended partnership deal with SIGNALTEC for power electronics analysis

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SIGNALTEC focuses on power and efficiency analysis and provides its own multi-channel solutions for motor, transformer and inverter analysis.  The company has its own sales network with partners in many European countries.     

The analysis of motor or inverter power losses is one of the most challenging tasks in power electronics and drives development.The LEM Danfysik high precision current transducers offer outstanding high amplitude accuracy and extremely low phase shift, providing the best solution for extending the range of power meters in the test and measurement field.       

The product range covers transducers for nominal current measurements from 60 A to 25 kA providing a typical overall accuracy of less than 0.01 %. Thermal offset drifts are extremely low, from only 0.1 to 2 ppm/K.  Models from 2 kA to 25 kA are for panel or rack mounting.     

Featuring galvanic isolation, all components can be used for current measurement of any kind of waveforms (including DC, AC, mixed and complex) without any contact to the conductor.     

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