LED lamp family is designed to replace low-voltage halogen lamps

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The Master LEDspot MR16 features an optimized cooling fin design which ensures an even air stream for effective passive heat dissipation. Besides high energy savings and long operating life, this dimmable LED reflector lamp offers high-quality light and precise light control. The homogeneous light distribution produces soft shadows with smooth transitions. With these properties, the MR16 is suited for accent lighting, combinations of multiple lamps also meet the requirements for general lighting. In particular in the hotel and gastronomy business as well as in department stores and shops, the Master LEDspot MR16 is an economic alternative to the halogen lamps frequently used in these businesses – ROI can be expected within less than one year.

Philips emphasizes the MR16’s long operating life of more than 40.000 hours by offering a five-year warranty. The product is available in warm white and neutral white with light temperatures of 2.700K, 3.000K and 4.000K. Customers can chose between versions with beam angles of 24°, 36° and 60°.


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