LDO regulators with automotive AEC-Q100-qualification

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By Graham Prophet

Rohm reports demand for specific characteristics within automotive device ranges, rather than generic automotive parts. The BD7xxLx series together with the BD4xxMx series is optimized for all applications which are connected to the battery and which require an extreme low quiescent current. With wide input voltage range (up to 50V max. voltage) and wide operating temperature range spanning -40° to +125°C, this family is applicable to automotive body, powertrain and infotainment systems. The BD7xxLx comprises eight part numbers, with optional output voltage from 3.3V and 5V, output current capability form 200 mA up to 500 mA and three standard package types.


Until now, for harsh automotive system environments with increased noise, temperature and vibration, the smallest package size that could provide the necessary level of reliability has been 1.5 mm². The AEC-Q100 qualified BUxxJA2MNVX-C series provides automotive grade reliability in an ultra-compact 1 mm² package, decreasing the mounting area by 55% over existing products. At the same time, stand-by current consumption (35 µA) and load regulation characteristics (65 mV load fluctuation) are reduced by half, contributing to smaller, higher performance automotive safety modules. Unlike conventional products requiring an external capacitance of at least 1.0 µF to prevent oscillation, the new regulator types support smaller external capacitors as low as 0.22 µF for further miniaturization.


Ultra-low quiescent current are typified by the BD7xxLx series with no-load current consumption to 6 µA. Ceramic capacitor compatibility reduces mounting area and costs; designs are stable with external capacitance of only 1-10 µF. Multiple package options include TO252-3, SOT223-4F and HSOP-J8.


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