Latest Infineon S5 Series IGBTs, in distribution

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Infineon TRENCHSTOP 5 S5 IGBTs feature improved switching behaviour to reduce circuit complexity and overall system costs by eliminating the need for capacitors and Zener diodes. The IGBTs offer system efficiency levels up to 98% for high yields of energy from solar cell installations, and deliver increased levels of robustness and quality to help end products achieve 20 years of operational lifetime. The IGBTs are available from Mouser in 30A, 40A, 50A, and 75A ratings in a TO-247 three-pin package.

The S5 family has been developed specifically for AC-DC energy conversion in industrial applications switching at 10 kHz to 40 kHz — such as photovoltaic inverters and uninterruptible power supplies — to deliver high efficiency, faster time-to-market cycles, and PCB bill of material (BOM) cost optimization.




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