Latest DACs lower power, raise precision

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TI says the DACs also provide best-in-class power consumption and are ultra-small, making them suitable for space and power-constrained systems, such as wireless base stations, programmable logic control (PLC) analog output modules, motor control, precision instrumentation and portable medical equipment.

Precision is specified at 0.1nV-sec glitch energy, with a maximum offset error of 4mV, a maximum INL of 0.75 LSB at 12-bits and a maximum reference drift of 10 ppm/degree C improves system accuracy.

Power consumption is described as being the best in its class, consuming 0.1mA per channel to minimize the power required for VGA control in wireless base stations, as well as to operate tunable laser modules, CNC machines and portable medical devices, such as oscilloscopes and portable blood analyzers.

Reduced cost and board space is also listed, with an integrated precision reference that provides a 20mA sink/source capability to eliminate the need for an external buffer. The family also supports different control loops with options for both reset to zero-scale and reset to mid-scale to provide greater design flexibility. It is also characterized for harsh industrial environments up to 125 degrees Celsius, 20 degrees higher than the competition.

TI offers a variety of free tools and support to speed development with the DAC8562 family, including two evaluation modules for quick evaluation, while an IBIS model to verify board signal integrity requirements and reference designs for analog output modules in PLCs and high-voltage, bipolar output control applications, which are included in the DAC8562 data sheet.

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