KEMET introduces tantalum high volumetric efficiency facedown MnO2 technology

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The robust design features and testing protocol make this product ideal for use in the computer, industrial/lighting, telecommunications, defense and aerospace markets. Its performance characteristics are ideal for various high reliability applications such as decoupling and filtering in radar and switch mode power supplies.

“This new package design offers the highest capacitance per volume of any molded leadframe product,” said Dr. Philip Lessner, KEMET Vice President, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Scientist. “It provides a broader, more direct path for heat to be dissipated through the capacitor than traditional construction. Additionally, the facedown construction offers higher power ratings per volume.”

“KEMET’s T428 Series was developed to provide the volumetric efficiency of a conformally coated capacitor in a pick-and-place friendly molded package,” said Ed Jones, KEMET Product Manager, Specialty Tantalum Capacitors. “The planarity of the molded package eliminates potential issues associated with conformally coated tantalum surface mount devices.”
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