KEMET adds first-to-market Polymer HermeticSeal (PHS) series to tantalum through-hole portfolio

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The devices also offer improved capacitance retention at high frequency and low temperature compared to wet tantalum devices.

Per Loof, KEMET’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “The T550 PHS Series has the lowest ESR in the industry and the highest ripple current capability in its class.”

“PHS offers the highest total capacitance at low temperatures and high frequencies, surpassing wet tantalum performance and rendering it the most economical high power solution available,” said Dr. Philip Lessner, KEMET Vice President, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Scientist. “Additionally, solid internal construction drastically improves shock and vibration capability, all within an approximately 25% lighter package than the equivalent wet tantalum capacitor.”

With its benign failure mode, T550 PHS Series products are ideal for use in high voltage power management applications such as buck boost converters, filtering, hold-up capacitors, and other high ripple current application. Typical markets include alternative energy, industrial/lighting, medical, defence and aerospace, and telecommunications.

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