Japanese solid state battery materials research platform starts up

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By Nick Flaherty

A key Japanese open platform for developing materials for solid state batteries has started operation.

The Materials Open Platform (MOP) for All Solid-State Battery was announced in 2020 by the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) and 10 private companies, including Denso, Mitsubishi Chemical, Murata Manufacturing, Sumitomo Chemical, Taiyo Yuden and Toyota Motor.

The MOP is a nationwide collaborative framework established to increase Japan’s competitiveness in developing All Solid-State batteries with oxide electrolytes for next-generation rechargeable batteries in response to intensifying international competition.

The activities for the last two years were limited by the Covid-19 pandemic, when NIMS managed to lead efforts to move the MOP forward through such activities as developing the research environment and holding online workshops on All Solid-State batteries.

The MOP in its third year is now ready to engage in full-scale, face-to-face joint research to develop techniques needed to analyze interfaces within batteries and efficiently search for new solid electrolyte materials.

It aims to make developments more cost- and time-efficient than would be possible for individual companies working independently. Member companies will be able to take advantage of the know-how developed by NIMS, its lab equipment and opportunities to share information with other members as well as develop energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable technologies.

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