Internet access in the car: A wish list item for the younger generation

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One out of four drivers wishes to have an internet access for his car. This is the result of a poll conducted by the German IT industry association Bitkom. Not very surprising, among the younger generation the desire to be connected is even higher than the average of 25 percent.

Among persons at an age of less than 30 years, 40 percent were positive towards internet access in the car. In the age group between 50 and 64 years, about one out of three persons wished to be able to use the internet when travelling in the car. Only the age group beyond 65 years expressed disinterest. And women (20 percent across all ages) were less interested than men (29 percent across all ages).

The option to surf the internet in a manner known from PCs or other connected consumer devices is however only one aspect of automotive internet access, said Bitkom president August-Wilhelm Scheer. More important is the intelligent connectivity for the car systems. Thus, the vehicle for instance can receive and transmit current traffic information without any delay, Scheer said.


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