Infineon promotes 300V division with OptiMOS FETS for hard switching

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By eeNews Europe

The company claims that in hard switching applications such as AC/DC converters OptiMOS 300V cuts energy losses by 50%. This allows for higher switching frequencies and, consequently, passive component and solution size reduction. OptiMOS 300 V can provide voltage spike headroom for better reliability, safety and ease of design in a 60V telecom rectifier. The number of stages required in cascaded high voltage switch mode power supplies can also be reduced. A 110 VAC UPS can now be realised with OptiMOS 300 V.

“With 300 V blocking capability, Infineon extends the benchmark OptiMOS technology into a, so far, non-mainstream voltage class to support evolving applications such as multilevel converters,” says Richard Kuncic, Vice President & General Manager Business Line DC/DC at Infineon Technologies AG, adding, “…we expect this voltage class to become a new standard in the power MOSFET market.”

Incorporating fast diode technology, OptiMOS 300 V offers 70% lower reverse recovery charge Qrr compared to the next best alternative device. This characteristic leads to smooth body diode behaviour and minimises voltage overshoot. OptiMOS 300 V in the TO-220 package provides the industry’s best RDS(on) with more than 58% lower Figure of Merit (FOM: RDS(on) x QG) when compared to other available products.

OptiMOS 300 V is available in two packages: D 2PAK with RDS(on) of 40.7 mΩ and TO-220 with RDS(on) of 41 mΩ.



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