Industrial 12W DC-DC converter in SIP-8 metal package

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By Nick Flaherty

Traco Power has launched a family of isolated 12W industrial DC-DC converter modules with regulated output and wide 4:1 input voltage ranges.

The TMR 12WI series offers a very high power density of 4.73W/cm³ in an SIP-8 metal package occupying 2.0 cm² (0.3 square inch) of board space.

The efficiency of up to 90% allows for an extended operating temperature range of –40° to +65°C without derating under natural convection conditions with the recommended PCB layout.

The TMR 12WI also includes remote On/Off control, continuous short circuit protection and an I/O isolation voltage of 1600 VDC. The compact size make the DC-DC converter family suitable for many space critical applications in communication equipment, instrumentation and industrial electronics.

The family has a three year warranty.

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