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VTC 1000 runs on a low power Intel Atom E640 CPU with EG20T chipset and on-board 1GB DDR2 RAM. Targeting small form factor systems, the CPU incorporates Intel Hyper-Threading and Intel Virtualization Technology that enables VTC 1000 to achieve high efficiency with ultra low power consumption.

With E640 CPU, compact dimensions and a fanless design, the VTC 1000 could be an ideal choice for space confined applications with poor ventilation, such as those commonly found within taxies, buses and trucks.

The VTC 1000 can be activated remotely by real-time SMS. Equipped with optional WLAN module, it can automatically download data and software, which can help eliminate system warm-up/update times. Equipped with an accelerometer, it is also capable of monitoring drivers’ behavior.

Working jointly with GPS receiver and alternative dead reckoning function, this car PC can make driving routes traceable even without a GPS signal. VTC 1000 is equipped with Smart Power Management which protects the system from damage or premature failure caused by spikes in voltages.

The ignition delay feature, via software control, make this car PC immune to inevitable voltage fluctuations. The low voltage protection feature will force the system to safely boot-up and shutdown to ensure valuable data is not lost. Other features include numerous I/O expansion ports, CAN Bus support and optional WLAN/Bluetooth module, and can operate at a temperature of -20~70℃ with wide DC power input of 6~36V.

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