IGBT modules in 62 mm package enable higher power density

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By Nick Flaherty

Typical applications for modules with 1200 V blocking voltage are drives, solar inverters and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) as well as medium voltage drives for modules with 1700 V blocking voltage.

With a blocking voltage of 1200 V, the 62 mm module reaches a maximum current rating of 600 A. At 1700 V blocking voltage, the maximum current rating is 500 A, making Infineon the market leader for this rating. The package is equipped with a base plate, its size corresponds to the industrial standard. It can therefore easily be integrated into existing designs delivering, for example, 20 percent more output power when applied for drives. The portfolio uses the IGBT4 – a proven technology that offers high robustness and reliability.

Two versions of the new power modules are also available in the “common emitter” configuration, with which a 3-level topology (NPC2) can be set up. This allows an efficient use in solar and UPS applications where the demand for power is high.

The new 62 mm power modules are in volume production, they are also available with pre-applied thermal interface material (TIM). Resembling a perfect match for the new 62 mm modules, Infineon also offers new thyristor / diode modules for the input rectifier in 34 mm and 50 mm packages featuring solder bonding technology.

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