HiTek Power applies custom design expertise to create standard high-voltage power supplies for mass spectrometry applications

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The Series MSS is a range of compact general-purpose modules for applications that require a small footprint with high levels of performance. The supplies offer a 5 W output at voltages between 5 kV and 20 kV, depending on model, in a unit measuring 115 mm wide, 98mm high and 47 mm deep. The MSS units provide reliable operation, even under short-circuit or arc conditions. Setting of output voltage is by means of an internal or external potentiometer, or an external voltage.

HiTek Power has used a modular design approach for its mass spectrometry products, which will enable the company to offer a number of ranges to meet different requirements.

Chief Executive of the HiTek Power Group, Carey Austin, said, “We have been designing and manufacturing custom high-voltage power supplies for the mass spectrometry market for a number of years. This new standard range, and those that we plan to introduce in the coming months, draws on the expertise that we have gained in this application area and will enable us to offer a more cost-effective solution to mass spectrometry customers, rather than a custom-build project.”

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