High voltage SiC power switch offers logic-level gate control 

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CHT-JUPITER’s on-resistance ranges from 0.7 Ohms at 25°C to 1.25 Ohms at 225°C. The device’s input capacitance is typically 430 pF. The gate leakage and drain off currents are respectively 160 nA and 250 μA at 225°C.        

A key feature of this new device is its ability to be driven by a 0/5 V logic-level signal, which reduces the complexity of the driver stage.  CHT-JUPITER simplifies the design of medium-power, high-voltage converters such as switched mode power supplies (SMPS) and motor drives that have to operate in extreme environments. With CHT-JUPITER, electronic engineers can decrease the complexity of their electrical schematics, shorten their bill-of-material, and improve the reliability, weight and size of their systems whilst reducing the need for cooling in their applications.        


CHT-JUPITER can be ordered now for sampling and evaluation. Pricing starts at 481 Euros/unit up to 200 units.        

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