High-voltage optoisolator focuses on industrial, transportation and medical applications

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The OPI1268S optoisolator is based on a high-efficiency LED with a peak wavelength of 850 nm, optically coupled to a photodiode that detects incoming modulated light and converts it to a proportionate current. The device features a high-gain linear amplifier that is temperature-, current-, and voltage-compensated, resulting in a highly stable digital output with a data transfer rate of 2 Mbits/s and a typical propagation delay (tPHL-tPLH) of less than 50 ns.      

Capable of isolating voltages up to 20 kV, the OPI1268S also provides a voltage spike immunity of 30 kV/microS dv/dt. As a result, the OPI1268S is unprecedented in protecting users, robotic interfaces and control circuits from high voltage.      

Additional features include an input diode with a forward voltage of 1.8 V (max)  at IF = 20 mA and a continuous forward current of 50 mA. Reverse current is 100 µA (max) at VR = 2.0 V with reverse voltage of 3.0 V. The output IC operates with 7 V supply voltage with 40 mW power dissipation. Operating temperature range is from -50 to +100°C.      

The OPI1268S is available now, supplied in a five-lead configuration measuring 27.94 mm x 6.35 mm x 8.89 mm.


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