High-voltage LED line delivers 27 percent more lumens per watt in smaller package

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By eeNews Europe

Designed for space-constrained, retrofit bulbs such as the popular A19, the LUXEON H50-2 has a small size and high- voltage architecture that enables more form factors and lowers costs through the use of cost-efficient drivers.

Unlike other high-voltage LED products, every LUXEON H50-2 LED is hot tested at 85 degrees Celsius to guarantee performance at operating conditions, and is color binned into three and five SDCM to ensure consistency among LED packages. In addition to A- line retrofits, the LUXEON H50-2 can drive down the costs of other space-constrained lamps such as candelabra and GU10 lamps. For specialty applications such as undercabinet, track and poultry lighting, LUXEON H50-2 has a smaller form factor that allows for even more streamlined solutions.

LUXEON H50-2 LEDs are available now from Future Lighting Solutions. For more information visit



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