High voltage 250kW solid state supply delivers 92% efficiency

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By Nick Flaherty

The DTI 250 kW HVPS Series Switching Mode Power Supply provides 15 to 100 kV adjustable output with > 92% efficiency and > 100,000 hours MTBF (mean time between failures).

Packaged in a 61cm W x 91cm D x 188cm H cabinet, the single high voltage power supply uses tap water for cooling, eliminating the complexity involved with connecting and controlling several smaller switching power supplies.

The suppy is suitable for a wide range of industrial and research applications and can be configured to user requirements.  It features < 0.1% ripple and regulation with << 10 joules stored energy, depending upon configuration, and offers full over-voltage and over-current protection up to +30% or preset to ±0.1% max. ripple.

The DTI 250 kW HVPS Series Switching Mode Power Supply is priced from $195,000.00 with custom configurations available.  Price quotations will be provided upon request.

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