High stability high voltage power supplies focus on mass spectrometry applications

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The Series MSRZ and MSRF are high stability power supply modules with reversible outputs for use in precision applications. The modules offer 3.2 W output power at voltages between ±1 kV and ±10 kV depending on the model, the MSRZ has lower ripple, whilst the MSRF has faster switching. The Series MSRZ and MSRF have specifically been designed to provide high reliability with excellent repeatability and stability when used in precision switching applications.

Typical values of ripple and speed are half of the stated datasheet values, with typical stability being 5-10 ppm between switching transitions.

HiTek Power’s technology is constantly moving forward – this means that the precision modules can match industry-leading specifications such as ripple levels of 1 ppm, temperature coefficients of 2 ppm, switching speeds of less than 2 ms and stability/repeatability of less than 5 ppm.

HiTek Power’s modular design approach means the company can offer an extensive range of performance combinations to suit different requirements.  Simple changes can be made to any mass spectrometry module if required, such as changing cable lengths and connectors or, if preferred, HiTek Power can offer a completely new custom solution using its proven power conversation topologies, control methods and mechanical knowledge.

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