High-speed differential probe offers a 3 dB bandwidth of DC to 150

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The 701927 has a 3 dB bandwidth of DC to 150 MHz, and can measure differential or common-mode voltages up to ±1400 V (DC plus AC peak) or 1000 V RMS. For ease of use, the compact unit features automatic attenuation detection, and obtains its power supply via the Yokogawa probe interface. Input attenuation ratio is switchable between 1/50 and 1/500. A one-metre long extension cable allows the probe to be used in thermostatic chambers or for measurements on large or hot devices. Even when this extension is used, a high bandwidth of 100 MHz is maintained. The new probe is well suited to the requirements of the mechatronics, automotive and power electronics sectors for testing devices such as motors, power supplies and invertors.

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