High power C-Band GaN HEMTs replace TWTs

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By eeNews Europe

The 50 Ohm, internally matched 200 W GaN HEMTs deliver high power, high efficiency, high gain, and wide bandwidth performance. Exhibiting 180 W typical PSAT, 11.5 dB typical power gain and 48% typical power efficiency, these transistors finally allow solid state power amplifiers (SSPAs) to effectively replace traveling wave tube (TWT) amplifiers in satellite broadcasting systems.

Featuring a smaller, lighter footprint and a significantly longer lifespan than TWTs, GaN-enabled SSPAs can reduce overall system weight and mitigate both operational and replacement costs.

The 200W CGHV50200F GaN HEMTs are supplied in a ceramic/metal flange package (type #440215) measuring 23.75—24.26mm (0.935—0.955 inches) by 23.01mm (0.906 inches) including the gain and drain or 17.25—17.55mm (0.679—0.691 inches) without.


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