Heliatek prepares organic solar film for market entry

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The lataest funding round was led by AQTON SE, an investment holding of German entrepreneur Stefan Quandt, with participation of all prior investors, Bosch, BASF, Innogy Venture Capital[1], Wellington Partners, eCAPITAL, HTGF and TGFS.

Heliatek has developed an innovative approach to manufacturing organic solar films in a roll-to-roll production process. HeliaFilms are being supplied to industrial partners for Building Integrated PV and automotive applications.

The funds come at the time of market entry for Heliatek, which is currently supplying prototypes and pilots to building and construction material companies, automotive manufacturers and their suppliers as well as unique market opportunities.

Dr. Paul-Josef Patt, CEO of eCAPITAL AG, said: "In the last 12 months, Heliatek has made enormous progress as the technology leader in organic solar films, and we are now looking forward to taking the next steps towards commercialization together with AQTON SE."

"This fresh money will help us to reach our set of operational and sales goals until 2016, including the introduction of transparent HeliaFilm in production by the middle of next year," states Thibaud Le Séguillon, CEO of Heliatek.

Heliatek holds the world record of 12% cell efficiency for opaque organic solar cells and announced earlier in 2014 a transparency of up to 40% associated with an efficiency of more than 7%.

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