GreenWave Reality integrates Z-Wave technology into its new SmartHome solution

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By eeNews Europe

The energy display enables house and apartment owners to read off and analyse at a glance all relevant information about their home electricity, water and gas consumption.

In order to allow the solution to be incorporated into a home control network, GreenWave Reality has integrated Z-Wave technology into its new energy display. The GreenWave Reality display enables occupants to use wireless technology to make detailed electricity, gas and water consumption readings.

In addition, further Z-Wave compatible devices can be integrated into the home network and actively controlled. This provides home owners with transparency and control of their energy consumption, as the solution combines smart metering features with modern home automation.

A consequence of this is that, by configuring individual energy profiles, a user can then use just the electrical or heating energy that is actually required.  In conjunction with the GreenWave Reality gateway and the provider’s compatible PowerNodes (plug adapters or multiple sockets), consumers can install a complete energy management network based on Z-Wave.

The energy display can also be supplied separately from the GreenWave Reality energy management platform, as it can be linked with Z-Wave compatible solutions from third party providers.


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