Fully flexible design platform helps OEMs validate new energy harvesting cell concepts

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The silicon-proven IP allows any type of harvesting cell, be it thermo electric, solar, piezo or magnetic, to power an energy harvesting application with sensor, display and actuator. All of this is software managed by ON Semiconductor’s LC87F7932B micro-controller integrated into the platform. The LC87F7932B realises 0.45 µA average power consumption in RTC mode, and 1.5 µA total average power consumption while controlling LCD display, RTC operation, while a 12-bit ADC intermittently operates for temperature measurement.

Particular features of this design platform include a universal harvesting interface block able to collect energy from piezo-electric benders, solar cells, thermoelectric generators (with mV range boost). A maximum power point tracking (MPPT) architecture permits to implement sophisticated and specific algorithm to optimize power transfer. Whatever storage element is selected (supercap, rechargeable battery, capacitor, solid state battery), the ETA platform will store energy in it and monitor the charge process.

Digital IOs are available to interface with external circuitry. Programmable PWM generators can drive relays or industrial actuators. Wake-up pins can be configured to generate interrupts or complex actions. Each block has been designed to be programmable by an external micro-controller. An internal activity manager can perform specific tasks in a time base or in case of specific events. It can generate alarms or cascade other programmed actions. The development tool along with all documentation and datasheets are available off-the-shelf to shorten overall development time and enable highly creative concept validation for industry automation, building automation, health care and other applications.

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