Fractal antenna startup shows its metamaterials for wireless charging

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By Nick Flaherty

FM/R technology is used to control and enhance antennas, or to take the place of the antenna itself. It is particularly suited for small-space wireless electronics and IoT applications, as well as point to point antennas and antenna arrays used in public safety, SCADA, cell, and other fields. FM/R technology can be applied to smart clothing, harvesting, charging, wearables, routers, drones, smart cars, and smart cities, and many others, and was shown last week at the CES show.

The FM/R technology is a spinoff of the firm’s patented (US 9,847,583) invisibility cloak and deflector shield. The FM/R’s fractal patterns of mini-antennas make close-spaced resonators that capture, spatially compress, and repeat the radio waves to guide, collect, diffuse, and/or and magnify.

“It’s as if folks had all kinds of wireless problems they needed to solve, and suddenly we’ve come along with the FM/R solution, without the prior ability to even know about the problems,” said Nathan Cohen, CEO of Fractal. “We had our head stuck in an invisibility cloak. But we listened to the end users and learned their needs. Now we are blessed to help with all these horizontal applications of our cool new fractal metamaterial technology.”


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