Flyback switcher integrates USB PD 3.0 controller

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By Nick Flaherty

Power Integrations has added a USB Type-C, USB Power Delivery (PD), and USB Programmable Power Supply (PPS) controller into its InnoSwitch family for  more integrated chargers and adapters.

The InnoSwitch3-PD single package is a key step towards integrating USB chargers in wall sockets for high volume deployment. 

The device combines four die in an InSOP-24D package with the same footprint as the previous family members, with the option of a GaN FET.

Along with an in-house designed USB-C and PD controller, the package integrates a high-voltage switch, a multi-mode quasi-resonant flyback controller, secondary-side sensing and FluxLink isolated digital feedback and a synchronous-rectification driver and adds three new pins. The footprint remains the same as there is a minimum clearance requirement across the package for the FluxLink high voltage and low voltage separation.

“This is the most integrated solution for USB-C PD +PPS power adapters,” said Aditya Kulkarni, senior product manager. “We have integrated the high voltage switch and controller with silicon and PowiGaN options on the family. What allows the integration of the secondary and primary side is the FluxLink magnetoinductive scheme with fast transient response,” he said.

“The new addition is the controller with the CC1 and CC2 pins on the package, and we have added an external temperature sensing pin for any component on the secondary side for added thermal information for the PD controller,” he said.

“We have wall plug designs in the pipeline and this hoelps with the thermal issue as there is no airflow,” he said.

“Our latest addition to the InnoSwitch3 family dramatically simplifies the development and manufacturing of compact, energy-efficient USB PD power supplies for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and other devices that benefit from fast charging. InnoSwitch3-PD ICs reduce the BOM count to half that of conventional designs, reducing design time and simplifying high-volume manufacture for slim, ultra-compact OEM and aftermarket chargers,” he said.

The device has a no-load power consumption down to 14 mW for a 25W charger to meet all global energy-efficiency regulations.

The FluxLink high-speed communications feedback link ensures fast, accurate secondary-side regulation to boost efficiency and reduce the need for a heatsink. The device includes input voltage monitoring, accurate brown-in/brown-out and overvoltage protection, and output over- and under-voltage fault detection with independently configurable fault responses.

A design report, RDR-838, describes a 60 W USB PD 3.0 Power Supply with 3.3 V – 21 V PPS output using the InnoSwitch3-PD PowiGaN-powered INN3879C-H801.

The InnoSwitch3-PD is priced from $1.30 per unit in 10,000-unit quantities.

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