First 48V universal energy management for the solar industry

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By Nick Flaherty

US energy storage system (ESS) developer Humless has launched a 48V Universal Energy Management (UEM).

The Humless Universal is the solar power industry’s first Energy Storage System (ESS) that intelligently manages the flow of electricity from any source for any use. It integrates with any existing grid-tied solar system and works with any manufacturer’s panels, PV inverters, or batteries. The 48V system enables simultaneous AC-DC coupling and integrates well with wind and hydro as well as PV solar.

“Humless developed the Universal Energy Management system in association with developers of off-grid environments in South Africa,” said Glenn Jakins, Humless CEO. “The demanding, harsh environments there provided us with a proving ground for adding energy storage in the U.S. when the demand for solar retrofits is rising and the problems of solar without storage are becoming clear.”

The intelligent energy controls in the Humless Universal give the customer options to match grid needs/requirements such as load shaving, time of use, generator auto start, and smart outputs. The Universal connects fully stackable inverters and open loop storage that can be expanded at a later date, and retrofits with any current grid tied PV system in the US. This provides intelligent energy management for customer power needs and micro cycles the chemical energy storage less. This lowers electrical cost and extends battery life.

“The operating efficiencies that Humless has brought are significant and user friendly,” said Craig Turner, Reserve Facilities Manager for the Mthembu & Biyela Lodges in South Africa. “The array of displays, screens and programming options for optimal system use and management are a revelation from what was previously available. The ease of ability in changing charge levels, run times and information display screens have enabled us to monitor and manage the farms both physically at the Inversion rooms as well as on mobile devices and laptops – it has never been this fluid and for this my congratulations and gratitude need to be extended.”


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