Fast-switching wireless link delivers +27dBm (500mW) RF power output for a 5km range

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The WFX2 is available for operation in the 500mW 458.5-459.5MHz license-free industrial/ commercial telemetry and telecommand, medical and biological applications band in the UK and Ireland.

This 256-channel module features an RX-to-TX switching time of 5ms, has a receive sensitivity of -118dBm and can achieve a usable range of over 5km over open ground. The feature rich interface offers analogue RSSI and both logic level and analogue baseband inputs and outputs. A 4-way internal channel select switch is standard. The 85x55x13mm unit requires a regulated +5V DC power supply and is re-programmable via microcontroller UART interface, drawing 35mA in receive and under 400mA in transmit. Multiple versions of the product are available; the standard 458MHz module offers data rates of up to 5kbps, the WFX2-458-G variant to be used with external 9600 baud GMSK Modem and a dedicated modem version, the WFZ2 has an internal M48 modem. A 12.5kHz narrowband version is also available.

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