Energy-recovering rack-mount DC load features plug-in programmable modules

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Housed in a 6U, 19-inch rack enclosure, the ELR 5000 can accommodate up to 10 self-contained, fully-programmable DC load modules with 320 W nominal power, each. The modules can be used separately or in parallel, providing up to 3200 W. Up to 93% of the load power is returned to the source, offering energy savings in production test of DC power sources.    

The ELR 5000 Series offers three common regulation modes: constant voltage, constant current, and constant power. Modules are offered in two input voltage/current ranges: 0-80 V/0-25 A and 0-200 V/0-10 A. Each module is equipped with touch-panel controls and a built-in sequence generator. A USB port provides flash-drive access to upload and save test sequences. An Ethernet/LAN port enables remote control of all functions via SCPI language or Modbus protocol.

Availability and Pricing

Starting at $3,150 (chassis); $1,305 (load modules), each

Availability: 8-12 weeks


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