E-beam power supplies boost process performance with arc management handling capability

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As standard, ERX/ERC Series units are packaged in a single rack-mountable air cooled chassis which combines a stable 0.05%, low ripple high voltage output power source (up to 10 kV) with a filament supply that provides 0 to 7V rms output with integrated filament and emission current regulation.

Other key features of the electron-beam power supplies include low stored energy, remote control operation, air-insulated high voltage section and an instrumented front panel.

The ERX/ERC Series units operate from a single phase 230 VAC input (3 kW models) or 3-phase 208 VAC (6 to 15 kW models). Weighing between 50 – 65lbs (18.65 – 24kg) case dimensions are 19 in x 10.5 in x 22 in (483 x 267 x 558 mm).

Although ERX/ERC Series units are configured as standard, off the shelf units, UNIPOWER can customise these power sources to meet specific customer requirements.



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