Dual channel MOSFETs simplify synchronous buck design

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By eeNews Europe

Packaged in a small 3mm square PMPAK3x3, the AP6950GYT comprises a “high-side” control MOSFET (CH-1) and a “low-side” synchronous MOSFET (CH-2), providing a compact solution optimised for synchronous buck applications. Drain-Source breakdown voltage (BVDSS) for both channels is 30V, while on-resistance is low at 18 mΩ (CH-1) and 10.5 mΩ (CH-2): comments Ralph Waggitt, President/CEO, Advanced Power Electronics Corp. (USA): “Our MOSFETs provide the designer with cost-effective performance whilst retaining the best combination of fast switching, ruggedised device design, and low on resistance.”



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