Digital Multiphase Controllers for servers and data centres

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By Nick Flaherty

The PM6773 and PM6776 are designed to power Intel Skylake CPUs and DDR4 memories, extending ST’s family of digital step-down controllers for Intel VR13 platforms.

 The VR13 Serial Voltage ID (SVID) –compliant ICs are 12V-input, dual-channel, multiphase 3+1 (PM6773) and 6+1 (PM6776) devices. They are PMBus-programmable and feature embedded Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) for storing configuration data. The PMBus communication interface also allows reporting of voltage, current, power, temperature, and fault status. In addition, both devices include a valuable black-box recorder function.

 The controllers use ST’s high-performance Voltage-Controlled Constant-On-Time, (STVCOT) digital-control-loop technology, which enables fast transient response and low output capacitance, as well as Variable-Frequency Diode Emulations (VFDE) and Dynamic Phase Management (DPM) to ensure high efficiency over all load conditions. Protection against load overcurrent, under- and over-voltage, and feedback disconnections is also built-in.

Engineers can accelerate the design of the VR13 voltage regulator for Skylake using the new PM677x devices with ST’s advanced software tools—available to all selected customers—to program and monitor all key parameters, including control-loop response, load-line, and switching frequency.

The PM6773 and PM6776 are in production and available now in VFQFPN48 6x6mm and VFQFPN40 5x5mm, with package and pin-out compatible with dual sourcing with industry leaders. Pricing is $3.00 for orders of 1000 pieces.

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