Design and selector guide for high-precision resistors

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The Design and Selector Guide includes in-depth technical analyses of the most widely used precision resistor technologies and presents comparative details regarding key performance parameters. Key parameters explored include TCR, power coefficient of resistance (PCR), thermal stabilization, resistance tolerance, load-life stability, high speed/response time, excess noise, thermal EMF, electrostatic discharge sensitivity (ESDS), and voltage coefficient.

The brochure’s selector guides provide the resistance range, tolerance, TCR, rated power, PCR, and load-life stability of Bulk Metal products in nine resistor categories: surface-mount, through-hole, power/current-sensing, voltage dividers/resistor networks, hermetically sealed resistors/networks, trimming potentiometers, hybrid chips, custom-designed hermetically sealed networks, and high-temperature (> 200° C) resistors for industrial, metrological, avionics, military, and space devices.

An applications section outlines the benefits of Foil resistors in a wide range of applications. These include high-end audio and industrial applications, high-temperature applications, military and aerospace systems, precision analog circuits, A/D conversion, and industrial process control systems. The brochure concludes with an overview of the Foil Door2Door service for rapid prototyping samples. Vishay Foil Resistors now guarantees a five-working-day delivery on any value from 0.002 Ω to 1 MΩ and any tolerance to 0.005 % for prototype or short-run quantities.

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