Danish collaboration for printed solar films

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By Nick Flaherty

Organic solar cells have long been hailed as a potential alternative to the standard silicon cells that currently dominate the markets but the commercialization of the technology has progressed slowly. Steady improvements in efficiency, lifetime, and production have ensured that full scale commercialization is within reach.

Developer and manufacturer of printed solar cellsinfinityPV is currently producing and selling organic solar cells to customers ranging from DIY enthusiasts to architects and other professionals. It is confident in the maturity of the technology which could be produced in near endless quantities. 

One of the major obstacles in the commercialization of organic solar cells has been the high complexity of the process and the diverse sets of disciplines encountered during production: key to the efficient manufacture of printed solar cell technologies is coverage of the entire value chain from raw materials through machinery and testing to post processing and electronics.

According to infinityPV, until now this high complexity had not been collected in a one-stop-shop. The partnership means the two companies can offer everything  from the design of the roll-to-roll platform and machinery, the processing, the materials, electronics, the post manufacture, the automated robotic integration, and also the training and inauguration for a manufacturing line.

The partnership between infinityPV and GM means that infinityPV will be able to offer complete pilot lines for organic solar cell production from material synthesis to production, quality control, and post handling. 

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