COTS tantalum surface mount capacitor series includes 35-V rated device

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The KEMET T513 Series is suitable for the Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) requirements of the alternative energy, industrial/lighting, telecommunications, transportation, and defense and aerospace markets. Typical applications include decoupling and filtering in radar, sonar, power supply, guidance systems and other high reliability applications.

The T513 Series can be ordered with various options including Weibull Grading, termination finish and surge current, among others. This solution complements other KEMET products such as the T428, T493, T497, T540, T541, and T543 Series capacitors.

The surface mount series offers low ESR and surge robustness designed for applications that require high surge current and high ripple current capability.  The performance benefits are achieved via a multiple anode construction that results in improved capacitance retention at high frequency.
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