CML Microcircuits unveils single chip multi-transcoder IC for SDR and VoIP applications

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With built in G.711, G.729A and CVSD algorithms, the CMX7261 is a flexible IC that creates toll quality speech for a number of applications without sacrificing performance. Providing analog to digital and digital to analog conversion and with no additional DSP or programming, the CMX7261 guarantees quality audio and a short time to market. The device is built upon CML’s FirmASIC technology, providing a platform for potential future enhancement.
The function of speech compression is to produce a compact representation of speech sounds that when reconstructed sound as close to the original as possible. CML has developed a device that can achieve this goal for a number of applications and markets.
Other key features include voice activity detection, C-BUS host serial control/data interface, multiple choice of input and output sources, streaming transfers, four GPIO and encoder/decoder test mode support which allows verification of bit exactness and high audio quality for various supported codecs.
The CMX7261 operates from a 3.3 V supply and includes selectable powersaving modes. The device is available in a 64-VQFN package. Evaluation support is available via the PE0601-7261 EvKit.
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