Cleaner Air Solutions to install more than 3-MW of Solaredge PV systems in UK

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By eeNews Europe

SolarEdge installations claim harvest up to 25% more energy than traditional PV systems, tracking the MPP of each module individually. In addition, installers benefit from a new form of design freedom which enables the installation of PV systems on rooftops across multiple roof facets and with partial shading. PV owners such as property management companies and social housing organizations will benefit from increased energy output, and from employing more rooftops for PV.     

The possibility of monitoring PV systems at module level and in real time is another significant novelty which helps saving maintenance and operation costs while giving added peace of mind to installers and end-users. The SolarEdge PV monitoring solution is complete with a built-in safety mechanism which automatically switches off DC voltage once the system is disconnected.     

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