CISSOID signs distribution deal with SETRON for Central and Northern Europe

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With Sales locations in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland and Ukraine (covering Russia), as well as Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, SETRON strengthens the CISSOID sales network in Central and Northern Europe, making CISSOID products easily available in these countries.

CISSOID’s portfolio includes power supply solutions, with DC-DC converters and voltage regulators, power driver solutions with power transistor drivers, isolated gate drivers and electric motor drivers, and general purpose ICs and discrete components such as voltage references, clock generators & timers, analog-to-digital converters, amplifiers, power switches, MOSFET transistors, and diodes.

As a specialist in analog components with strong design support, SETRON is expanding its portfolio with leading technology and unique products from CISSOID focussing on ultimate reliability and extreme environment capabilities.

CISSOID offers best-in-class standard products and custom solutions for power management, power conversion and signal conditioning in extreme temperature and harsh environments. CISSOID products are also used in lower temperature ranges enabling extended lifetime by one to two decades compared to standard semiconductor solutions. With a guaranteed operating temperature range from -55 to +225°C, CISSOID integrated circuits enable energy, weight and cost savings in lighter, cooling-free and more compact electronic systems in standard or extreme environments. They are used in mission-critical systems as well as in applications requiring long term reliability. CISSOID supplies leaders in the oil and gas, aeronautics, industrial and automotive markets.

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