Chargifi agrees smart wireless charging deal with Gill

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Chargifi will be installing and distributing the products along with the company’s smart wireless charging network solution globally, with installations beginning in January of 2015.

Gill Electronics introduced the first commercially available resonant wireless charging applications for mobile devices based on the Rezence standard. Resonant products allow users to charge their mobile phone, tablets, laptops and other devices without the need for plugging into an outlet with an enhanced user experience. The products allow for charging of multiple devices on the same charge area, spatial freedom for flexibility in placement, and the ability to charge devices with different power requirements on the same area (i.e. a smart phone and laptop).

With Rezence, Chargifi plans to do for power what Wi-Fi has done for data, by creating an international network of Chargifi ‘spots’ to power people through their day. Chargifi ‘spots’ form an intelligent network providing an opportunity for venues and brands to discover more about their customers’ needs and introduce a platform for real-time communication. Chargifi has a global base including Europe, India, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and China, for distribution and installation of the systems.

"Gill provides the perfect complement with its leading edge technology and products to go with our best-in-class smart network solution," said Dan Bladen, Chargifi Founder and CEO. "We plan to install 100,000 charging spots by the end of 2015, with installations in North America, Europe, and Asia."

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