ASMgrid2 reference designs support next generation smart meter capability

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The three new designs showcase the full communication capabilities of ASMgrid2’s industry-leading integration in complete system configurations required for wired and wireless smart meters. As a result, smart meter equipment vendors can directly take the proven designs to production for bill-of-material (BOM) reduction with future-proof technology supporting the latest standards.

All additional communication system components have been incorporated as would be required in a production optimized ASMgrid2-based smart meter. The ASM201 Reference Design features an extremely cost optimized total BOM, by incorporating a ZigBee PA, SDRAM, and SPI Flash to the device’s world-leading integration, which includes a high-performance ARM926EJ-S, industry-best 10,000:1 Class 0.2 metrology solution (AEMET), and ZigBee radio with modem. The design provides a scalable smart meter application and communications platform with integrated home-area-network support. As a result, emerging communication standards, such as ZigBee IP and SE2.0, and additional software-based meter capabilities can be seamlessly incorporated.

For near-area-network (NAN) RF-mesh communication, Accent offers the ASM211 Reference Design, which can be directly coupled with the ASM201 Reference Design enabling a complete and powerful dual RF-mesh system. The device integrates the industry-only complete 802.15.4g radio and modem solution (Accent’s SUNFX-4G) supporting FSK and OFDM options for up to 800 kbps performance. The design achieves a minimum total BOM in a 3 cm x 3 cm form-factor and includes a separate PA to provide up to 30 dBm (1 Watt) output power.

The ASM221 Reference Design incorporates a full PLC-based, standard-compliant smart meter communication system specifically designed to enable industry-best low-cost BOM and utilizing the device’s CortexTM-M3 processor, AEMET metrology solution, embedded Flash, and SUNFX-PLC modem + AFE for G3/PRIME/P1901.2 support. Additional system functions include line driver, current transformer, and PA sections. The ASM221-based system enables significant cost savings via its function integration while also providing uncompromised flexibility and scalability needed by this market space.


The ASMgrid2 Reference Designs are available now, including schematics, layout files, and Gerber files. The ASMgrid2 product family is also supported by Accent’s comprehensive software offering that includes respective MACs, protocol stacks, and reference application software.

Accent will be demonstrating its ASMgrid2 solutions at the Metering, Billing/CRM Europe Show (Booth D05) starting October 9, 2012

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