Android smartphones double battery life with audio tunneling

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This approach relies less often on the application processor and is reported to dramatically improve battery life when using the phone for music listening.

Supported by dedicated hardware in the Nexus 5 phones in the DSP block, this new solution is said to cut audio processing power by up to 14X, which could result in double the smartphone playback time.

The Cadence Tensilica HiFi audio tunneling solution for Android has been launched as the industry’s first Android-compatible technology for a licensed digital signal processor (DSP), taking full advantage of these new enhancements.

KitKat audio tunneling was developed based on input from the Low Power Android Consortium (LPAC), which was initially spearheaded by Tensilica, now a part of the Cadence IP Group.

“Until now, Android devices have had to run audio on the host processor or on an OEM proprietary offload framework that still required the encoded and decoded audio streams to be managed by the host CPU” said Larry Przywara, Cadence’s director of audio/voice intellectual property (IP) marketing in a statement. “Cadence, in cooperation with other companies, worked with Google to develop audio tunneling to the DSP in Android to solve this problem”, he added.

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