Altera rolls out Cyclone V family of 28-nm FPGAs

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By eeNews Europe

The Cyclone V family is developed on TSMC’s 28-nm Low Power (28LP) process, delivering up to 40% lower total power and up to 30% lower static power than the previous generation. Cyclone V FPGAs offer the lowest power serial transceivers with 88-mW power consumption per channel at 5 Gbps and over 4,000-MIPS processing performance for under 1.8 W. Additionally, the family integrates an abundance of hard intellectual property blocks, such as hard memory controllers supporting 400MHz DDR3 and PCI Express Gen2 hard IP blocks with multifunction support, to allow engineers to differentiate while reducing system costs, power and design time. To protect valuable IP investments, the family also includes comprehensive design protection with features such as a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with volatile and non-volatile keys.

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