AC/DC power supply range meets industrial specs

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The line comprises single, dual and multiple output converters in the power range from 150 to 650W. Mechanical formats includes open frame, U-channel, enclosed and a version offering full power at natural convection with -20 to +50ºC operating temperature.

Single output converters use an LLC half bridge topology, for many of the units, complemented by synchronous rectification, where the rectifier output diodes are replaced by MOSFETs. These technologies contribute to characteristics such as high efficiency (up to 93%), high energy density, high peak output current, and superior EMI performance meeting and surpassing EN55022B.

Other Industrial Line characteristics include wide input voltage range, low no-load consumption and high MTBF. All units have PFC and meet EN61000-3-2 class D. The low no-load consumption in combination with the high efficiency offer an environmental friendly energy profile.

“The industrial segment, with applications like ICT, automation, building control, test and measurement, etc. is very wide” says Martin Fredmark, VP Product Management, “but there are substantial similarities in what customers are requiring. For example high power density and low heat generation, making integration in applications simpler, are often prerequisites in most designs these days. Fulfilling standards that affect where the products can be used is also essential, as is high reliability and good support in the field. And of course we need to ensure we help customers meet their marketplace requirements with environmental considerations and low energy consumption. The new Powerbox Industrial Line range of power supplies have been designed to address all these pertinent issues.”

Individual ranges within the Industrial line of PSUs can be accessed from;



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